Erin Daniels, MSW MIT, Orton Gillingham, multisensory math, and structured writing tutor 

Erin is a certified teacher and trained in the Orton Gillingham method, which is a research-based method for supporting students with dyslexia and reading challenges. She works with students to build their reading skills through solid phonemic awareness work, phonics instruction, and more. She also has her Masters in Social Work and relies on the skills gained there to help build trust with her students.

Her inspiration for Changemakers Education LLC came from several places.

As a parent, she watched her dyslexic child struggle to learn to read. As a teacher, she wasn’t taught how to help children who struggle with reading, so watching his challenges led her to seek out the best methods for helping struggling readers discover the joy of reading. From there, she knew she wanted to share Orton Gillingham methods with other children and families who also needed support.

Erin’s qualifications include: 

– over 150 hours of training in the Orton Gillingham approach (including writing)
– over 100 hours of training in multisensory math
– Master in Teaching, K8 certified
– Master in Social Work: all of my tutoring is emotionally-sound
– parent of a dyslexic child who now reads above grade level
– skilled in working with kids with additional needs such as ADHD, 2e, etc.