What will my child’s tutoring session look like?
We will start by getting to know each other a bit to help build trust. Then, I will assess your child’s current skills in phonemic awareness and phonics so I can best target that tutoring intervention to your child’s specific needs. Once the assessment is complete, a typical tutoring session involves phonemic awareness and phonics games, regular review to support your child’s retention, and, when the child is ready, reading practice. My goal is to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible.

How long are tutoring sessions?
Orton Gillingham sessions need to occur at least twice/week in order for students to be successful. At Changemakers, I typically see students for two 50-minute sessions each week. 

Where are you located?

Erin lives in West Seattle. All sessions are conducted virtually via zoom.

What ages do you work with?
Erin works primarily with school age children, tweens and teens who are dyslexic or who have other reading challenges.

Do you incorporate phonemic awareness?
Absolutely! We know that phonemic awareness difficulties are often at the root of reading challenges. When your child first starts tutoring, they will be assessed for phonemic awareness as well as their knowledge of phonics. Following this assessment, Erin will design a personalized tutoring plan that will address the areas where your child needs additional support.

Why did you become an Orton Gillingham tutor?
One of my children is dyslexic and has some other learning challenges. In seeking out the best ways to homeschool him, I delved into what cognitive science has taught us about how we learn to read as well as how to best retain what we have learned. From there, I began teaching my own children using research-based methods and curricula. The more I learned, the more I felt pulled to bring this learning to other children as well. I completed Orton Gillingham training for K-12th grade to further develop my skills. Since then, I have continued to dive deep into reading science, and am continuously seeking out additional resources and learning opportunities.

What is the personalized tutoring plan?
Following the initial assessments of your child’s current skills, Erin will design a personalized tutoring plan to address your child’s specific needs. This will outline both the assessments that were done as well as an overview of how she will address your child’s needs. The plans are updated every 3-6 months following assessments.

FAQs for math and writing tutoring coming soon!